4 Different Types Of Computers

4 Different Types Of Computers

Nowadays, computers come in a number of different forms. Some are small and others are huge. Of course, the size and design of each one corresponds to their type of uses. Computers are normally designed by engineers to a certain degree which determines their usage. Some computers are designed to process a particular set of tasks. Others, however, are made to multitask.

Computers used in home are designed in a rather different way than those used in hospitals and other establishments. The same way computer servers differ in shape than those made for those in weather stations and related applications. Laptops are also the same. They possess huge computing capabilities, but at a far smaller form factor. We’re going to tackle the different types of computers below and the applications they perform due to their distinct designs:

Super Computers

These are the ones that are the biggest of them all. The sheer size of these machines, however, account for their processing performance. Supercomputers are able to take in and process instructions at around a trillion per second. This makes them a perfect for government use. Some areas involve extensive processing. Industries involved in the design of products use supercomputers to finish complex designs that would be impossible for mere human capacity.

Mainframe Computers

Another example of mammoth-scale computers are mainframe computers. They can take up an entire room due to their sheer size. However, just like supercomputers, mainframe computers can also process data at blistering speeds. Airline companies, hospitals, and other industries make use of mainframe computers due to their ability to process information at staggering speeds. Mainframe computers are far more expensive that your regular desktop computer. So, don’t expect to own one yourself unless you have the funds and the business to render it useful.

Mini Computers

These are often used by schools and people at home. Due to their small form factor, they can be transported with ease and used just about anyone. It’s far more accessible and significantly cheaper than mainframe computers.

PCs Or Personal Computers

Since technology made it possible to produce smaller ICs or integrated chips, companies have made personal computers more available to the public. They are versatile and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some manufacturers have gone beyond the normal box-type computer case and are taking a more advanced approach. They are commonly used nowadays and it is found in almost every household. Since computer parts have become substantially cheaper, it is now easier to own a computer system at home. However, the processing power of each vary a lot from entry level to high-end models. However, some people are growing more fond of using a smaller version of desktop computer and are far more portable; the notebook computer.

Notebook Computers Of Laptops

Probably the most popular form of the computer nowadays are laptops. They are portable, easy to use, and there are models that are inexpensive to own. It’s essentially the computer that you would use every day. Due to the portability of laptops, it has become widely used all around the world. Don’t mistake its small size in terms of performance, though. Some laptops are powerful enough to match the processing capacity of desktop computers. They have also become exceedingly powerful as advancement in memory and processor technology continues to progress.