Upgrade Your Data Storage With HP LTO 6 Ultrium Data Cartridges

HP LTO 6 Ultrium data cartridge provides an easy to manage and scalable storage solution for our business. This data cartridge has a high storage capacity of up to 6.25 TB with high transfer speeds of 1.4 TB/s. With its 2, 176 tracks, HP LTO 6 have an increased bit density compared to the previous generations. All these, coupled with the smaller magnet particles and smooth base film allow for storage of huge amounts of data on the tapes.

The data tape features AES 256-bit encryption, which provides high security for your data. The data is also tamperproof, thanks to the write-once-read-many (WORM) technology. HP LTO 6 tape has a simplified path which reduces wear and tear. Also, it is impossible for the leader pin to be pulled into the tape housing thanks to the smart grabber technology.The HP LTO 6 data cartridge is flexible and compatible with other products. Besides, the fact that it allows for 30 years archival life and it comes with a limited lifetime warranty makes it the ideal tape storage solution for organizations.

Why You Should Consider HP LTO 6 Data Cartridges

They Have A Simple, Fast, And Convenient Technology

HP LTO 6 tapes come in a pack of 20 labeled tapes, all which follow some predetermined sequence for ease of use. HP predetermines the sequences, and they are all unique for a given pack.The sale of pre-sequenced media is off the shelf, and the shipment takes 2-3 working days, which significantly cuts the lead times.HP LTO 6 tapes which are non-custom labeled allow for maximum convenience due to their compatibility with any LTO Ultrium tapes, whether HP or non-HP, SDLT and DLT drive.

HP LTO 6 Cartridges Provide Excellent Value For Money

The cost for HP LTO 6 non-custom labeled media is the same as that for the unlabeled media. However, the RFID non-custom label has great operational efficiencies, which provides a strong ROI. The labeled tape is, therefore, an excellent investment, providing values for money.

HP LTO 6 Cartridge Saves Money, Time, And Mistakes

Manually labeling tapes consumes a lot of time and labor, and the process is prone to several errors. With the custom labeled HP LTO 6 media, IT staff can now save the time spent peeling, sticking and ascribing the barcode labels to each cartridge. Tri-Optic products produce the HP LTO 6 BarcodeLabels, which produces firm labels which will not distort, peel, fade, or reflect. The process of applying these labels isprofessional and is done in a clean environment, which prevents drive damage and any backup disruptions. HP LTO 6 tapes use RFID non-custom labels, which do not require line of sight reading and bulk reading of data thus enhancing the operational efficiency of the cartridges.

Also, the RFID non-custom labels increase the media’s real-time visibility. It is, therefore, easy for the datacenter to recognize any missing tape, thus reducing chances of data breaches. The integrity of data protects the organization from brand damage and major fines.

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